Acronym Name Duration Deadline  
ACRC newsletter ACRC newsletter 19-11-2015 Closed
Oren Eliezer course The Design and Productization of Digital RF Transceiver ICs 2 Days 12-03-2014 Closed
High-Speed Electrica High-Speed Electrical Interface Circuit Design Course 3 Days 08-09-2013 Closed
Microwave Integrate Microwave Integrated Circuits and Systems Two Days Program 2 Days 31-07-2013 Closed
On-Chip Power Delive On-Chip Power Delivery and Power Management 1/2 Day 02-05-2013 Closed
Memristors Memristors and Resistive Memory: Devices and Applications 1 Day 07-03-2012 Closed
Advanced CMOS Analog Advanced CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design Course 6 Days 14-02-2012 Closed
Zvi Or-Bach Zvi Or-Bach 21.11.2011 21-11-2011 Closed
Prof. Andrea Baschi Professor Andrea Baschirotto 3 days 06-09-2011 Closed
Kamran Eshraghian Se Kamran Eshraghian Seminar 1 day 15-06-2011 Closed
Advanced Circuits Re Design considerations and basic analysis for Inductors and CMOS Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits 2 days 02-05-2011 Closed
3-dimensional integr 3-dimensional integration of VLSI circuits - technical, challenges and opportunities 1 day 24-02-2011 Closed
Analog and Mixed-sig Analog and Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit Design 3 days 12-02-2011 Closed
Variation and Low Vo Variation and Low Voltage Digital Circuit Design 1 day 31-12-2010 Closed
Power Supply Power Supply Issues in VLSI Systems 1 day 14-07-2010 Closed
Brief RFIC seminar Brief RFIC seminar 1 day 23-01-2010 Closed
CMOS Circuit Design Low Power CMOS Circuit Design 3 days 08-10-2009 Closed
Murmann course Mixed-Signal Circuit and Architecture Design for CMOS Data Converters 3 days 24-12-2008 Closed
Volkan Course Nanoscale Design Methodologies for Low-Power and Robust Gigascale 2 days 15-06-2008 Closed
course - Prof. Green High-Speed Broadband Communications 3 days 05-01-2008 Closed
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