A world class research and teaching center has been established within the Technion electrical engineering department, collaborating with Israeli industry in the area of advanced circuits for VLSI. This Center is a center of excellence for creating new knowledge in the field, educating and training students at all levels in circuit design skills (analog, mixed-signal, and high speed digital), and transferring commercially useful technology to Israeli industry.  Expertise and innovation in this critical area are essential for continued success in the development of future microelectronic technology, as well as the preparation of technically trained engineers able to successfully lead the next generation of technology and business development.

The Center operations are primarily supported by industry, which provides technical guidance for the Center and direction for the research foci of the Center. The Center is seeking donations for supporting its startup funds, facilities and recruiting of leading Faculty.

The primary activities of the
AdvancedCircuitResearchCenter include: 

  • Recruiting faculty in the area of advanced circuit design, in specific topics such as mixed-signal circuits, digitally controlled analog circuits, RF CMOS circuits, and low leakage/low power circuits.
  • Training of Ph.D. and M.Sc. students in these aforementioned areas.
  • Development and updating of courses in circuit design.
  • Hosting specialists in these areas for extended periods of time for teaching courses and seminars, and for co-supervision of research students. The specialists will be guests from leading international academic institutions, and senior engineers from world-wide and Israeli industrial companies.
  • Research collaboration with industrial sponsors, including participation of industry technologists in research projects.
  • Facilitation of internship opportunities for Technion graduate students within Israeli industry.
  • Organization of workshops, seminars, and focused conferences for technical exchange and networking among academic faculty, industrial engineers, and business leaders.
  • Technology transfer of research results into industrial applications at sponsoring companies.
  • Marvel
  • Zoran
  • Texas Instruments
  • Mellanox
  • Intel